C-41 Film Negative Processing Kits in Canada?

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Does anyone know of a reliable source for C-41 Film Negative Processing Kits in Canada?

(Or of a source in the USA that ships to Canada?)

I’m looking to take control of my colour film developing, just like I have with my B&W, but it seems like most places only stock the B&W chemistry.  Those that stock C-41 kits place severe shipping restrictions.

Film guru Mark E. (no relation to Sheila E.) once directed me to this company, but when I enter their website I’m warned by my browser that “the connection is not secure”.




11 thoughts on “C-41 Film Negative Processing Kits in Canada?

  1. Hi Peter , You might try the Film photography project these kits are 20.95 usd and it appears they ship world wide hope this helps

      1. 2L is in stock, but maybe thats too much chemicals and will outpace your developing needs before freshness becomes an issue

  2. Ha ha–How do you KNOW I’m not related to her?


    In any case, I am glad you have (finally) decided to start experimenting with colour development. (Please don’t start with Portra, or you may find yourself prematurely discouraged). It is ALL about the temperature consistency. You will also need to start browsing for a Pakon or Noritsu…

    Chemical-wise, I have always had great success with Argentix (you can also email Jacques directly…) and the FPP.

    Good luck…can’t wait to see the results!

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