My Nikon D500 has been hospitalized :(

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After one year of flawless performance, my Nikon D500 is in need of repair…

Fortunately it’s still under warranty.


Tonight was the night of my son’s choir solo!

So, I loaded my Leica M3 with this:

Fuji Superia 1600 image courtesy of B&H

Yes, my Leica M3 + Undisclosed Lens #1 + ASA (ISO) 1600 Fujifilm.

Next week, I’ll have the roll developed and scanned.

Fingers crossed!



5 thoughts on “My Nikon D500 has been hospitalized :(

  1. Well
    A), having just received a D500 and fallen in love with it, I’m troubled.
    B) ahh, the good old days when ISO1600 was crazy-stupid fast. The last stop of sanity before breaking out the TMAX-3200. I guess we were willing to live with noise (grain) back then in favor of actually capturing an image.

  2. Undisclosed lenses are the best lenses. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your camera. These breakdowns are very annoying. I have to admit that I have not yet experienced a camera malfunction. I wonder how long I’ll get away with that.

    BTW, Louis, you might like to know that pros were shooting Fuji colour negative film at ISO 3200 in the mid 1980s. I can send you an email with a scan from a short article from 1985 if you like. Film is more capable than its proponents know. 😉

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