Vaseline – Test Shot.

People sometimes write and ask me how I test a given Leica lens + rangefinder combination for focus accuracy.

Well, for near distances I trust the good people at Vaseline.

On a related note, I dislike the grunt work of testing film equipment.  The arduous process of developing and scanning film seems even more arduous when the test results are off.  That is why I rarely sell gear that I know is working well (ha, ha…).

Fortunately, this time everything looks good.


Leica M3, Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH, Kodak Tri-X 400, and Plustek 8200i.

10 thoughts on “Vaseline – Test Shot.

  1. For a moment there I thought you were going to say that you put Vaseline on the lens for some reason. 😛 I’m glad to know that you don’t lubricate the RF with it.

  2. mewanchuk says:

    Oh look.

    A Summilux 50 ASPH.


  3. jkjod says:

    Curious if you will try the new Voigt 40/1.2. Seems right up your alley.

    • You know me well! It certainly has crossed my mind to try it (there’s already a special edition version of it that I looked at), but so far I haven’t been tempted. Anyway, at this point, it would be redundant with my current set-up (50 ‘lux, 35 ‘cron).

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