5 thoughts on “Eye Contact, not (crop).

  1. For portrait work, I don’t know that you would want anything sharper. Combined with the incredible background diffusion, makes for a very solid tool in the toolbox.

    1. That’s my conclusion too.

      Remember this is at f/1.4; it gets sharper as you stop down and all that lovely background blur remains as smooth as silk.

      Regarding sharpness, it’s interesting how few film images are truly “sharp” in the digital sense and yet I find them visually very appealing. The 58/1.4 with the D850 definitely screams “digital” but it does so in a more relaxed way than most digital kits, if that makes any sense.

      I guess HCB was correct:

      “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.”

      – Henri Cartier Bresson

      1. It’s also why Peter I think the M9 rendering is more visually pleasing than the M10, for example – it has something to do with the CCD tonality but also to do with the less “perfect” microlens array, which ends up creating a bit of vignetting with also adds to the three dimensionality, as opposed to making the entire imaging plane read with more “flatness”.

  2. Well, I’ve joined the club. Should be here first of next week. I haven’t been excited about a lens in a long time. Really looking forward to exploring a bit with it.

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