Camera shutter lag time.

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The shutter lag is defined as the time between when:

  the photographer presses the shutter button    the camera takes the photograph

A minimal shutter lag is very helpful when trying to photograph the decisive moment.

Below I’ve compiled the shutter lag times of various 35mm cameras; the data is consistent with my own experience and it may surprise a few of you.


4 thoughts on “Camera shutter lag time.

  1. And I assume for the mirrorless cameras you also have add the delay in the image being displayed on the EVF in the first place.

    1. It’s true, but one could argue that with rangefinders there’s the initial delay of trying to manually focus. That’s why I also included the shutter lag times in autofocus cameras when pre-focus has been employed…. I figure that’s more comparable to the rangefinder situation where, in a sense, pre-focus has been achieved before the photographer trips the shutter.

      1. I’m glad you thought about that and included both, with that in mind the A9 prefocused looks very impressive. My comment was less focus related though and referred to the lag of the “live view” image you see in the EVF (real world to EVF). It’s not a concern with any of the OVF cameras RF or SLR and may not be an issue with the latest generation, but with my older generation cameras there’s a noticeable difference if you keep both eye’s open between whats actually happening and whats displayed on the screen.

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