15 thoughts on “Legendary.

    1. Thank you Luiz, and Happy New Year to you and M!

      I just developed a roll and the exposures look to be accurate. I haven’t scanned yet (hopefully I’ll be picking up a Plustek tomorrow) so I don’t know whether the rangefinder focus is correctly calibrated.

      No sure about the 50/2 either… I tend to prefer f/1.4 for the dark winter months and have recently been shooting a wider lens (28mm), but the ability to focus closer than 1 m with the M3 is a definite bonus.

  1. Looking forward to this, I bought a user M3 and Summicron DR from HG Lewis, oldest Leica dealer in UK in their sadly close out sale. First film was not good however, UK Film Lab (now Canadian Film Lab – excellent and worth a try http://canadianfilmlab.com) advised something was wrong. Camera sat on shelf until you sent your old one to Japan. It spured me to send it to Malcolm Taylor, long time Leica specialist in the UK (https://www.worldphotoadventure.com/in-conversation-with-malcolm-taylor/). Apparently it was a bit of a mess inside, probably dropped in water and had the gearing cogs incorrectly reinstalled. Just got it back and it has its first roll of film in, started at box speed but given the overcast and grey conditions I should have pushed it. Another peculiarity the coating has been removed from the lens, Malcolm advised it has been expertly done but was unsure why! Anyhow fingers crossed given your Japan experience.

  2. Congrats, Peter. It’s nice to see a Leica back in your hands. The M3 is a fine camera, possibly the best Leica for your 50mm lens, built to last many lifetimes….more than can be said about the fancy cameras that we buy today 🙂


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