12 thoughts on “Pirouette.

  1. … Elliott Erwitt held that black and white is what you boil down to get the essentials, and Wynn Bullock believed that black and white will surpass the surface and reveal, and, I think that their points of view do support how well your instinctive compositional eye has got to the essentials and revealed in this black and white image of yours, Peter …

  2. Ok….the image is captivating. Many boxes are checked regarding composition, image rendering, and the like. Nothing new for you.

    Also, nothing new for you? Your intelligence and sensibility.

    You saw the moment..anticipated it….and then rendered it…as a dance in progress. This continues to be one of your talent hallmarks, Peter. A still image…a moment in time….but one that exists as part of movement and time right in front of us. You will, no doubt, credit this to chance. If this were the only one of your images that was “lucky” in this regard, your response would be credible.

    But it isn’t.

    You do this all the darned time.

    To our delight.

    1. Ha ha, Karen, not sure how to respond except to say that I was indeed going to write I was lucky!

      I was lucky that she pirouetted but, yes, I was definitely prepared to capture the moment.

      You are far too kind with your comments, however. Far, far, too kind.

      1. No such thing as too kind. Let alone “far, far too kind”. Or at least there shouldn’t be.

        However, if you would like to share this testimonial with my children (grown now), I would love a front row seat for the debate. 🙂

        Kindness, intelligence/wisdom, and candor are not (always) contraindicated or incompatible, Doctor.

        Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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