3 thoughts on “Mono, Chrome.

  1. Nice. Without the ‘interference’ of colour, one can get to ‘the bones’ of what the image is based on for its crafting. There’s a nice balanced ratio of dark tones to light tones, providing good visual mass. The main subject and their activity are well placed, leading to a nice dynamic due to geometry used. The similarity between the shapes etc speak to one another quite well, too … The subject and subject matter are extracted and presented in an unambiguous context within their place of work, the working environment, their job, and what’s required by their task at hand …

  2. You know what’s interesting about this shot? The machinery implies that there might be steam present. The way the light falls on the wall, considering the way the wall is painted, it almost feels like there is a whole lot of steam in the room. Sort of like a steam train.

  3. Thank you Sean and Karim.

    The lighting in this spot is always tricky. In the daytime, it’s mixed. In the evening, it’s harsh fluorescent.

    Yet somehow, interesting images (both colour and B&W) emerge from this little corner of the universe. I can never guess ahead of time which treatment will work best, so I usually try both and pick the clear winner.

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