2 thoughts on “The Conversation.

  1. I like how the patterned design on the building in the background are in harmony with the knuckles and fingers of the two males, and the similarity between the white traffic sign and coffee cups. Then there’s that art piece on the wall and the patterns under the glass table top. All these ‘bits’ are part of “The Conversation” of this image …

    1. Thanks Sean. That building has always helped me out. It’s the perfect height for filling in the image (and window) frame, it’s the right (dark) colour to counterbalance all that light, and it’s got enough architectural interest (as you point out) to enhance the scene. I hadn’t noticed the “knuckle” detail on the building mirroring the men’s hands, but I have noticed that motif in the past. Most of the time, I photograph on instinct, concentrating on people and composition.

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