10 thoughts on “Postcard from De Mello.

  1. We’ve been alone with you inside our mind
    And all our beans have touched your lips a thousand times
    We sometimes see you pass outside our door
    Mello, is it tea you’re looking for?
    We can see it in your eyes
    We can see it in your smile
    We’re all you’ve ever wanted and our doors are open wide
    ‘Cos we know you always say that you really like our food
    And we want to tell you so much, we love you

  2. Nice foreground sharpness color & tone, but as a whole, kinda flat. Probably the way this lens draw the 3D depth on a 2D canvas will not satisfy those few genius in Florence back in 1400s, but it certainly satisfy 99% of the nowadays Pros.

    1. Post-processing… don’t forget about post-processing and its effect (for example, contrast and clarity can be added to give the illusion of 3-D, but they can also be taken away…).

      1. Funny, I was just going to say this seems the most “organic” of the D850 stuff you have posted (to me at least). Maybe it’s a jpg vs RAW type thing, but the last several posts seem more, and I’m not sure how to put it really, pleasant to my eye.

        1. That’s the main reason I’ve taken to not posting the identity of the lens… it would bias perception.

          Now, if I was really smart I would never have revealed the identify of the camera either.

          1. That’s not a bad idea. Personally, I call a shot how I see it. If a shot doesn’t look right, it doesn’t look right, even if it was shot on Ektachrome with a Radioactive Summicron.

      2. Cant’ agree more on post effect. May be I am just too picky on insisting a visually transition showing the depth of space from in-focus point to out-focus, e.g. bokeh transition of XUL82ACIEL.

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