4 thoughts on “Profile.

  1. This is a really nice example of environmental portraiture. You’re looking closely at the girl’s lovely expression but at the same time your’e taking in the environment. Some of HCB’s images were like this – he could have gone in closer, but just held back a few steps.

    I have to say this again: I’m envious of your knack of getting exposure >100% right. 😉 You know if you were a colorist (for movies) you would never be out of work. The problem is that you might not have time to take photos! I’m just wondering if you have ever considered that? The HD version of Da Vinci Resolve is free, FWIW.

    BTW, it seems that your undisclosed lens is on the wider end. It’s not more than 50mm, I think. Just thinking aloud… 🙂

    1. Thanks Karim… I never know what sort of comment I’m going to get from you, but I’ll gladly take this one 😉

      Actually, the most challenging thing about this particular area in the cafe is the mixed lighting. There is enough window light interacting with the overhead artificial lighting to pose a white balance nightmare. I do what I can to tame it as it cannot be completely overcome.

      On another note: no comment about Undisclosed Lens #9!

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