15 thoughts on “The Sunset Portrait.

      1. And I hope that you never do reveal them. Sometimes you have to keep things to yourself. I don’t lose anything if you keep your secret. In fact I gain a great treasure. I am reminded of the great reward that comes with searching for and experimenting with the almost limitless supply of lenses available today.

        I read about lenses all the time, as do most photographers. The undiscovered gems are plenty – but it’s no fun if you just follow what a thousand other people are doing.

        Now, I forget the details, but a certain director of photography won an award for his work on a film, and IIRC he used Super Baltars for that project. The lenses belong to him, and he rents them out to other DPs on a consistent basis. This is great, and I’m sure the lenses are beautiful. And it would be no bad thing to use them. But it takes the fun out of it if you don’t make your own discoveries, at least once in a while.

        This is exciting! Why would I be satisfied with someone else’s discoveries when I can make my own?

        1. Yes but how do you discover, trying each and every lens out in this world or looking at other pictures and seeing what rendition you like?
          Why have use the social media when you want to keep things to yourself? Just for people to say what great photographer you are? For your self gratification?

          Peter, these are not specifically directed to you but reply to Karim.

          1. The cinematographer Roger Deakins used to publish lighting diagrams so that his followers could learn from them. But what tended to happen was that people merely copied them. AFAIK, he stopped publishing them – not because he got lazy, but because he felt that people learn better without being spoon-fed.

            1. Understand that about lighting diagrams as that actually is detail about the technique, but I don’t think I’ll be able to take photos like Peter does just by knowing his toolset!

  1. Sorry that wasn’t clear. Nikon is a huge brand and therefore more people will like (as in FB liking or responding) Nikon posts by you. There is just as much appreciation of your Leica work but there are less of us.

    1. That’s certainly very flattering Lucy, thank you. Other than this website, I really don’t have much of a presence in any of the social media platforms (no FB, no Twitter, but I do have a “placeholder” address on Instagram as “photographsbypeter”, which I don’t actively post in). I have experimented with FB and and Twitter but ultimately decided against my involvement, for various reasons. I’ve scaled back participation in forums too, but I get pulled back every so often.

      Basically, I don’t seek “likes”. I’m happy to photograph when I can, and post here to stimulate discussion, etc.

      Thanks for being one of those nice individuals that participates here.

    2. I actually think that most people are interested in nice cameras even if they don’t own them. I’ve owned many Leicas but I haven’t used or owned any for years. But despite that I’m more interested in people who do use them.

      Leicas are the most desirable camera in the world, and I enjoy seeing people take great photos with them. By the same token, it’s frustrating to see people take rubbish photos with them and then put them on public display.

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