6 thoughts on “Umbrage.

  1. Well is there is certainly some solid evidence here that in this type of light the camera and lens render a very nice output. Has the workflow altered much for you from the M9?

    Outside will be interesting to see how skin tones and certain colour channels come out.

    I really like the last image and this image from this set!

    Hope the size of the camera doesn’t sway you too much Peter and it’s a keeper.

    1. Thanks Andy,

      So far I’m using JPGs but my workflow hasn’t changed much from the M9, in that my post processing has been minimal. I’ve wanted to have RAW files in some situations (in some difficult cases of mixed lighting, or scenes with high dynamic range, for example) but for the most part I haven’t encountered any issues.

      Re the D850 size, the camera is heavier than an M of course, but it turns out I can fit the D850 + prime lens in the same little bag I used for my M9. More often than not though, I’ve discarded the bag entirely and walk around with camera in hand with a wrist strap (in case of an accidental drop).

  2. Another great title.

    Looks like a bat cave with a Darth Vader coffee grinder…..

    The images you are making are terrific and reflect well on the new camera.

    Of course, you could be taking images with an undisclosed cardboard box and an undisclosed bottle bottom and would still find a way to be spectacular (with a bit more post processing, of course….).

    Hoping the new camera is bringing new inspiration, too. Congratulations!

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