7 thoughts on “Team.

  1. I dare say: The last two shots (“Team” and “Art Imitating Life”) look very much like the M9 in their tones and rendering–at least at this resolution. If I hadn’t have checked the tags, I might not have guessed.

  2. Hi Peter, I looked at your gear page and I see that you only have the “undisclosed” cameras and lenses. Does this mean the M9 is gone? BTW, I also thought that this new camera has a rendering and colour that is very close to your M9. So it seems that you found a camera that preserves your preferred visual language… But why undisclosed? Is it a camera that has not been announced? Sharing is caring… 🙂

    1. Hi Kostas.

      I take chances (and suffer great financial penalty) experimenting with gear to achieve my “preferred visual language” (nicely put, by the way)… please allow me a moment to quietly savour a rare victory before I divulge.

      1. I understand Peter, please interpret my impatience as a reflection of my willingness to learn… BTW, I am sure everyone that follows your blog appreciates your efforts, and input. I hope the new camera combines nice rendering and image quality, with discrete presence and (relatively) small size. But, of course, image quality comes first… Looking forward to more images from your new camera.

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