Blue and Red (Test Shots, Mamiya 7).

Test Roll #1, Frames #4 and 5 of 10.

In the first shot I was re-familiarizing myself with the dynamic range, in the second the bokeh.  In both I was testing for the focus accuracy of my rangefinder.

1/125 | f/4 for both images.

So far, so good.




Mamiya 7 + 80mm + Kodak Porta 400.

2 thoughts on “Blue and Red (Test Shots, Mamiya 7).

  1. Dhiren says:

    Nice to see you back with Mamiya 7, some of my favorite shots are taken with Mamiya 7. It’s almost a perfect camera!

  2. The effect of the second shot is quite amazing. I can’t know if it’s the camera, the scene, or a bit of both, but there is a very strong 3D effect going on.

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