My favourite contemporary “street photographer”.

Tibor Budai, who has been featured on this site, is my favourite contemporary street photographer.

Check out his latest post of images on dpreview.

He is a photographer’s photographer.


2 thoughts on “My favourite contemporary “street photographer”.

  1. andygemmell says:

    I have seen Tibor’s work outside of your site Peter. He is certainly the “photographers photographer” and see’s in a very unique way. I find his work appealing because it allows me as a photographer to take the blinkers off and see what is possible. That said if I was a street photographer I wouldn’t necessarily try and emulate Tibor as it’s not really how I see the world.

    On a related note I think street photography today has fallen into two camps:

    chasing the extraordinary or humerous moment or juxstaposition, or
    layers in shadow and light (aka..Alex Webb style). I’m definitely over the Cuba part of the world as well!

    Given so many people have cameras now (compared to 30-40 years ago) I do find it all becoming a bit tiresome to some extent, even with established world class photographers.I think I need to see less images sometimes.

  2. Tibor Budai says:

    Dear Peter,

    Thanks a lot for posting me in your blog, I was not expecting this when I was going through it today 🙂 Nice surprise and I’m humbled, the least to say.

    All the best and enjoy summertime!


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