6 thoughts on “Midday Cowboy.

      1. I like the idea of a bigger sensor in a relatively small camera. This might be the digital Mamiya 7 I’ve been waiting for (albeit with a smaller sensor than I’d hoped).

        But as you say, I’ll have to wait and see how it performs, with respect to image quality (speaking of which, the “leaked” sample images are not doing any favors for Hasselblad) and with camera usability.

        1. I have not seen much of HB in way of images though it is apparently superior in its colour profiling. Something which is a bit hit and miss in the various sensors of 35mm or lower. I would consider this camera though would like to know more about:

          colour palette
          lens performance
          ease of use in field and camera UE
          AF performance (speed and accuracy)
          manual focus system (if by wire and not resonpsive no interest, though at this level can only assume it would be fluid)

          We’ll see soon enough.

          And then there may other options to consider as well!

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