24 thoughts on “Sketches…

    1. a curved sensor would not work with existing lenses designed for a flat focal plane. also, that body is curving in the opposite direction that a sensor would.

    2. Body maybe curved, the sensor can be or not, it would fit on it’s own plan flat or not to the mount. It maybe curved to fit the hands better.

  1. Oh wow. Now I’m really excited. At least one camera company out there is willing to innovate and fill a niche for those of us that already have an adequate DSLR. I will not buy the same old rebranded, shuffled around crap put out there by companies more interested in their stock price than long term viability of their company (R&D). This is new, different, exciting, and I already have my wallet open.

  2. About the curbed shapee.. what I’m moatly wondering is why? What would be the benefit from such strange form? Curve around the shooters face to improve stability? Interesting to see what comes out as things unfold..

  3. I hardly guess it will be a Voigtländer. The text on topplate looks similiar in my eyes and it is the only manufacturer besides Leica and Zeiss building lenses for m-mount.

  4. Mmh, what about that announcement now? I had hoped it’d be very soon…? Would hate to learn this was just vaporware… 😦

      1. Thank you for that – and for the initial info, too: I didn’t mean to be rude or anything – just maybe too hopeful for a new M-mount camera! 🙂

  5. I realize you will post any news as soon as you have them — but do you have any news about some sort of timeline that we’re looking at here? If this is purely a mockup, development might well take years. It would make sense to buy an M9 for the time in between (money permitting)… Again, would be sad to learn there is no new CCD camera coming after all…

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