29 thoughts on “Clarifications.

  1. Understood, thanks. I hope to see some images from you from the new camera as soon as it is announced.

  2. Thanks a lot Peter for posting the Sketches and hints, much appreciated. I know you can neither confirm or deny, but ‘m still guessing it’s the Konost. Certain things about its appearance remind me of their prototype from ages ago with the glaring difference being the curved body; (though the back was curved slightly the other direction in the prototype). Their last product update from February was “A new look is coming….”

      1. Peter, you may state that this camera is not made by Leica nor Hasselblad but you may not confirm nor deny it’s related to the Konos project.

        I believe we have our answer :).

        1. Wrong deduction of mine. A friend pointed out your blog entry of December 15th:


          Can’t Comment or Divulge.


          and then you clearly stated it was not about the Konost project:

          Though a good guess, it is not the Konost.

  3. Hi Peter, we are so much impatient !
    Are you excited for the performance of this new camera the first Time you use it ?
    I am interested about its Wright ?

      1. Peter you mentioned uncompromised image quality. I assumed this meant that you had tried the camera. So was your statement an assessment based on the specs, or have you seen some evidence of great iq? Best, K

        1. Marketing speak. All cameras have uncomprimised image quality 🙂
          Besides, it is still only vaporvare, a rumor. Using a CCD would not be a good idea when it comes to “uncompromised image quality”. 15 years ago, maybe even 10, sure, but not today.

    1. Live view is certainly possible on CCD. However zooming in (for focusing for example) would be a problem. Also energy consumption would be much larger than with CMOS (is reduced battery life).

  4. Consider the “H” logo on the top of the camera, and the additional information that it is not a Hasselblad, maybe it’s Horseman? I also think about Hogla but they only make toy cameras so I don’t think they can make serious photograph tools.

    Peter, Can you tell us whether this camera is a new brand or a known brand?

  5. This is sooo interesting. Good for you and so right that you can be the one to come with this news. In the mean time, what is the counter on the petition? Have you ever had direct contact with leica on this?

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