Setting the record straight (there will be no new M-mount CCD camera).


Not too long ago, I signed a non-disclosure agreement for a camera that was in development.

After a promising start, and several (but slow) updates, communication with the party who contacted me ceased.

I’m still not sure whether the camera was ever really in development, or whether it was just a hoax intended to embarrass me (I could have been easily blinded by its specifications, which were really exciting to me).

Suffice it to say, I no longer have hope that this camera will be made.

And although I haven’t been asked about it in a while, I wanted to at least set the record straight.

Lastly, to that individual who works as a cancer researcher in Toronto who sent me that nasty message last year (regarding my involvement with this camera), I am horrified to think that you have anything to do with health care.


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