Q&A: for Mads (regarding Sigma lenses for Nikon).

Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART - Prosophos

On an earlier post, Mads asked if I had to test several copies of my recently acquired Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART lens, before deciding on the one I own.

The answer is: no.   The first one I evaluated was perfect.

My camera dealer’s Nikon D810 has been calibrated (by Nikon) and the Sigma 35 I tried was focusing perfectly at near focus, mid-distance, and infinity.  On my D810, which is not perfectly calibrated, I need to set the camera to +5 micro-focus adjustment.  This is the same adjustment I need to make to my Nikon 85mm 1/4G (which is also functioning perfectly), in order to achieve proper focus on my camera-lens combination.

I additionally tried out a used copy of the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART, and it was focusing perfectly.   My dealer also had a new copy of the same lens, but it was unfortunately front-focusing by about an 3 cm (this shouldn’t dissuade people from buying Sigma lenses… the first few Nikon 58/1.4G lenses I tried were also a little off, and — as already stated above — so is my Nikon D810).

I hope that helps, Mads.   By the way, if you ever plan on visiting Toronto, let me know and it will be my pleasure to welcome you to my city.


7 thoughts on “Q&A: for Mads (regarding Sigma lenses for Nikon).

  1. Mads says:

    Thanks, Peter. I feel honored to have a post dedicated to me. And thanks for the info on lens calibration. For me this part is still a bit new, as my previous lenses all seemed perfect AF wise. Then I upgraded to 35mm 1.4G and 85mm 1.4G and both needed fine tune (+7 and +17). This could indicate, that my D750 is back focusing a bit in general. I think after xmas and new years, I’ll take the lenses and camera to Nikon Service to have them calibrated together. +17 seems a bit high. But reassuring to know this is normal, and nothing to worry about.
    Apart from that I’m enjoying both lenses very much – they are by far the best glass, I have owned, and I feel, I have the perfect lens duo now. My old lenses have all been sold off.
    Thank you so much for your kind offer, if I should find myself in Toronto some day. Would love to visit your city and Canada in general. As you know, this goes both ways, as I would take great pleasure in welcoming you to Copenhagen, if you should ever find yourself around these shores.

    • Mads, +17 is a little high, but I am grateful that Nikon (and other manufacturers) allow for such fine-tuning to allow us to use our equipment to its full potential.

      On another note, the honour is all mine, my friend.

      • Mads says:

        Thank you, my friend.
        But I should just view the +17 as being a little high, and then just get it calibrated by Nikon Service, right? Not worry or stress about having a faulty lens? I suppose it’s simply tolerances being so fine and high resolution digital now exposes this, hence the fine tune feature. Sorry for all my questions.

        • Yes, that’s how I would view it.

          But… if you are still able to exchange it at your dealer for another lens, that is the quickest route to getting a lens close to the intended spec. Otherwise, a trip to Nikon should straighten things out… To be honest, though, one can make the point that no action is required, if the lens is working perfectly at +17… but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

  2. andygemmell says:

    Thanks Peter. This is very informative and appreciate the post.

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