Christmas Catch/Lights.

Catch Light:  a small spot of light reflected from a shiny surface (as from an eye in portraiture…)


The light outside — and inside — is pretty poor right now.

Still, the children always find a way to play.

To keep shining.


Christmas Catch-Lights

6 thoughts on “Christmas Catch/Lights.

  1. karen says:

    During this darker time of year, it is easier to catch light in your eyes if you look up for it. For a photographer, it is never easy to catch such limited light and such a sweet, iconic image of youthful play-determination. The hands caught at this moment hint at his repetitive tossing technique. The blobby ball perfectly suspended either on the way up or at its peak or on its way down (it doesn’t matter). The colors and the Christmas Tree in the background capture well the limited light, mood, and setting of indoor winter holiday time. Well sought….well done. A great catch. I hope things…and you…keep looking up, too.

  2. Mads says:

    A truly great capture – love the mood in this frame.

  3. andygemmell says:

    Agh…you’re back. Nice to see these posts when I woke up! A nice “little moment.”

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