14 thoughts on “Police Man.

    1. Maybe I was photographing a wax figure… in which case it is perfect, n’est-ce pas?

      Andreas, I get the sense you do not approve of my latest camera. I could be wrong of course, but I’m sensing a different sort of “vibe” from you.

        1. I was going to say the same thing – seems you have a purpose behind your perceived “madness” after all 🙂

          If the proof is in the pudding, your pudding seems mighty good to me!

      1. Dear Peter, sorry I am a little disappointed you did sell again your M9, camera of the year for years! I ask myself: “Why do you “trash” things you love with your heart!” I don´t believe in the “money-thing” and the D 810 is for sure a wonderful and nearly perfect razor-sharp action-cam- I don´t see it for very long in your hands as far as I know you!
        Sorry Peter and everybody for my childish reaction but this blog is about “familiar things” and so I hope I get grace!
        Long life CCD!!!!…waiting for M11, M12?

        1. Andreas, I take no offense — I’ve known your generousity for too long to be offended. It is simply time for me to move on. And please note, we can never really “love” material things… or shouldn’t anyway.

          As for the D810 as an “action-cam”, I was quicker to focus with my M9. So that’s not why I purchased it. The D810 was purchased to explore the qualities of its wonderful sensor, in a body that is more suitable for photographing my children as they grow and become more involved in activities that I will be viewing from a distance (hence the need for telephoto, weather proofing, etc.).

          1. Dear Peter,

            thank you very much for your answer and explanation. Beneath my M9 I have a Sony Rx M III that I use occassionally and I had a Nikon D 7000 with a lot of objectives- I did never used it for years, so I gave it away to a friend.

            I would have had no issue if you shoot with different cam´s at th same time, but i think it is your philosophy to sell everything even if you risk it to buy it again, you go for broke and perhaps this is why you are so good! Thinks are changing, people are changing, life is changing and so the gear. Move on, master!

            I am emotionally involved with my gear, especially guitars but also photo-stuff and I call it “LOVE” 😉

            By the way I wouldn´t be surprised if you shoot tomorrow with a Leica SL 🙂

            Best wishes,

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