The Police.

A little motion-emotion.

(Technical:  1/30 | f/16 | ISO 64)


The Police

9 thoughts on “The Police.

  1. mewanchuk says:

    Wow! This is superb!!


  2. andygemmell says:


    Forgot to mention I handled the SL yesterday in store. Have to say it’s one thing Leica do well…ergonomics. Thought is was clean and very easy handling. Pitty about the price and size of the AF lenses! By itself, with a small M or if you could adapt an AF Contax G lens (like 45/2 planar) would be fine in weight.

  3. A.Hackauf says:

    Peter, where are you driving to? Don´t want to provokate too much and don´t want to make bad the 810 and their owners, but dear Peter, I ask myself how long will the 810 be a “exciting toy” for you until you come back to vivid CCD?!

    • Good news however, dear Andreas, I’m still with my (same) wife.

      • A. Hackauf says:

        Really, really good news! 🙂 she still with the same man 😉 No, Peter, you are right, there are much more important things in life than gear, but you know one important and emotional part of your site is build “with Leica” and I am suffering a little bit not seeing your wonderful Leica-shots anymore! But I am an eternal optimist!

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