Courtesy of my Wife.

We went to a wedding yesterday, and my wife took this image.

(It’s not often I have proof that I am a part of these wonderful kids’ lives 🙂 )

Incidentally, the camera used was a first generation Sony RX100 and after all of these years, I am still pleasantly surprised by the output of this small (and small sensor) camera.  Compared to my Leica M9 images – in this light – you’d be hard-pressed to discern the difference at web-size output, unless you were looking for differences in depth of field.  The M9 files are more robust with respect to post-processing, but that’s certainly expected.


Courtesy of my Wife

8 thoughts on “Courtesy of my Wife.

  1. mewanchuk says:

    Well what a gorgeous crew!! (And nice product placement too…)



  2. A.Hackauf says:

    What a wonderful family! The “rock” in the middle, the “heart” behind the lens( good job!)…what makes me so much laugh or better smile: the M9 is your fourth baby that you keep in your right hand..the M9 is “unputdownable” 🙂

  3. greg g49 says:

    A little tripod and set the timer could be an Rx for the whole crew, though I suspect R feels like she shows up enough already. 😉

    Anyhow great to see you co-mingled with your usual “subjects”. Sweet.

  4. Cool photo. 🙂 It’s quite obvious that you all enjoyed yourselves!

    Skin tones not as nice as M9’s, but come on, this is a small sensor. Just two days ago I was thinking that the perfect portable camera would be the RX100. The compromise between size and quality is very good. I could carry it everywhere and it would give a quality boost to my Creative Commons images, which are currently all taken with the iPhone.

    I don’t think I’ll upgrade my iPhone, as those small sensors really do not hold up to enlargement.

    • A.Hackauf says:

      Karim, beneath my beloved M9, I have a RX 100 III for the “fast or other things”..and I am very happy so far, best compromise!
      Greez Andreas

  5. Tibor Budai says:

    Dear Peter,

    Hope you and your family are doing great! Nice to see you from the other ¨side¨ of the lens!

    All the best,

  6. drhadi says:

    Nice to see you in front of camera. ☺

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