Regaling us with stories.

She was.

Regaling us with stories

5 thoughts on “Regaling us with stories.

  1. A.Hackauf says:

    Compliment Peter! Regaling me with this photo! One of your best with the MM- yes you can!!!( you know what I mean 🙂 )

  2. A very sweet portrait – done with a 35mm, no less! Your kids are so very different from each other – a blessing, I think, whether photographically or personally.

    The only minor issue I have is that I just don’t dig the MM rendering (as presented here, anyway), although it is basically a medium format camera in a 35mm body. Maybe you ought to do the counter-intellectual thing and shoot at a high ISO, such as 3200 or something like that.

    • Thanks!

      Regarding the rendering…. You mean you’d like me to artificially “distress” or film-grain (I just made up a verb) the file? I’m tempted to do that when I process the Monochrom images, but I know this photo as presented here will look great in print, should I choose to print. Trashing the file a bit, or punching up contrast will destroy “information”. Doing those things will definitely make it look better on the web, but — for me — it defeats the whole purpose of having the Monochrom.

  3. Well, I wouldn’t do it on the computer – I’d underexpose the sensor by 1-3 stops or so, depending on variables such as indoor/outdoor, etc.

    Perhaps some experimentation with low-contrast filters might be interesting? I have not used them and they aren’t cheap, but it might be worth a look. Maybe a combination of yellow and LC filters might show promise. It’s just a guess, though. One thing I do not like at all: the Softar filters by Zeiss. I do not like that look at all. It’s very much a paint-by-numbers type of filter that a run-of-the-mill wedding or studio photographer would use.

    I intend to experiment with filters eventually: low contrast, ultra contrast, saturation, what have you. One day…

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