10 thoughts on “Pink.

  1. I can’t decide…

    My responses (in order of preference) are:

    (a) Very.
    (b) Yes it is; and
    (c) I concur.

    In any case, a beautiful photo–didn’t immediately notice R off to the right until I had a second look.

    1. Thanks Mark, but as for your very considered response(s)… how can I say this delicately?… the title was a statement, not a question. The image is called “Pink”… not “Pink?”. Do you see the difference? But there was no “?” in the title. Do you see that now? Good!

  2. Very, very pretty (in pink). The seasonal abundance of beautiful light (and color) must be delighting you. Your images are delighting us.

  3. Your sense of quality light and your/ccd’s rendering of skin tons and colors remain superb, Peter. Just a lovely photograph!

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