10 thoughts on “Pink.

  1. mewanchuk says:

    I can’t decide…

    My responses (in order of preference) are:

    (a) Very.
    (b) Yes it is; and
    (c) I concur.

    In any case, a beautiful photo–didn’t immediately notice R off to the right until I had a second look.

    • Thanks Mark, but as for your very considered response(s)… how can I say this delicately?… the title was a statement, not a question. The image is called “Pink”… not “Pink?”. Do you see the difference? But there was no “?” in the title. Do you see that now? Good!

  2. Karen says:

    Very, very pretty (in pink). The seasonal abundance of beautiful light (and color) must be delighting you. Your images are delighting us.

  3. henry turner says:

    Your sense of quality light and your/ccd’s rendering of skin tons and colors remain superb, Peter. Just a lovely photograph!

  4. Another beautiful portrait. You (like Mark) must be running out of wall space!

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