11 thoughts on “Boy of Summer (First Hit Ever).

  1. Excuse my language, but HOLY Cr@P!!!

    Amazing timing Peter…and Congratulations G!!

    (Did you score on the play??)

    Well done…both of you.


  2. Really nice moment Peter to capture. Great photo. He can definitely back up his bragging rights now to his friends…and you get yet another moment to file away!!

  3. What timing! 🙂 You do manage to get such rich tonality from this sensor. I can’t remember you ever publishing the basics, but I remember you saying that each shot has to be approached in its own right.

    It’s as if you’ve tweaked several peripheral parameters with a starting point of high contrast. You’ve kept the highlights right where you want them, and then forced back the darker areas of the scene. That’s what it looks like to me.

  4. Not only life’s little moments……your images capture life’s big moments, too! It would be beautiful even if it were blurry or poorly composed or askew or any number of other things we think plague some images (they don’t plague them, but that’s another story). But it’s a big moment and prize winner of a photograph by all measures….including the moment where a father was there to see it. I hope his smile was as big as the moment. This one will make me smile for a long time. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. wow, that is awesome peter.
    just awesome.
    you take and post a lot of great photos, but that one is something else.

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