People often ask me why I always go back to the Voigtländer Nokton 40mm f/1.4.

This is why.



13 thoughts on “Archer.

  1. bijansabet says:

    Beautiful photograph



  2. Aivaras says:

    Superhero chronicles continues. Good one.

  3. karen says:

    People often ask me why I always visit your website.*

    This is why.

    Another master’s class in yabba dabba do photography.

    Actually, no one asks.

  4. I’d like to ask you a slightly different question: why do you have to go back to it? In other words, why do you stop using something that works so well in the first place?

    This lens is the reason why I initially found your blog. I was considering this lens at the time, and your blog post on it was helpful to me in deciding it might work well for my needs too. At the time, I was about to experiment with rangefinders for the first time. And the inexpensive Voigtlander cameras seemed like the best bang for your buck way for me to give it a go. And the R3(A or M) cameras having 40mm frame lines and 1:1 viewfinder intrigued me more than the R2 or R4 series. I already had a Canon EF mount Voigtlander 40mm Ultron f/2 and loved the results I would get from it on a 5D II.

    I ended up on a G.A.S. run of the R3M. Then added a Leica M8. Then sold the R3M to buy an R3A. And then sold the Leica M8 (I need better high ISO capabilities than it could provide). But through that all one thing never changed: I rely upon the Nokton as my go-to M mount lens. I had the Voigtlander 250th Anniversary edition 50mm Heliar f/2 (wishing I hadn’t sold that one), and the Zeiss BIogon 28mm f2.8 (loved that Zeiss rendering). But I have never considered selling the Nokton because it ticks off several boxes for me: good image quality, small size, the focus tab, and f1.4.

    I find 40mm a nice compromise instead of having to choose or own both a 35mm and 50mm. Take a step or two back, and now you’ll get approximately what a 35mm would. And take a step or two forward to approximate 50mm (unless you are already at the 0.7m minimum focusing distance).

    For anyone reading this that happens to have a Sony a6000, this lens renders nicely on that body using a Leica M to Sony E mount adapter.

    • Thanks. Beyond the bokeh (which can sometimes be harsh with this lens, though in this instance it’s quite dreamy) there is a quality to the way the light is being held, especially around the face, that is sublime. The medium (film) of course deserves a great deal of credit, but I’ve always liked how the combination of this lens and film renders.

  5. Luiz Paulo says:

    Intriguing composition and nice expression! Loved the lines neck/door and the tangent line behind the arch.

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