Homework, Part 2

17 thoughts on “Homework.

  1. Alex M says:

    M-240? Again?

  2. A.Hackauf says:

    Ah! it´s the M-P(eter) 🙂 …….I think so Peter ..would you lift this secret!

  3. Pi says:

    Beautifully composed shots, I would have ever so slightly reduced red/orange on the colour shot although I am viewing on a IPad Air 2 of which I am not sure is accurate. anyway wonderful shots.

  4. Lovely shots, both of them! I love the somewhat delicate colour and light of the first one, but didn’t really love the tonality of the second.

  5. Gary says:

    Both lovely Peter, as always!

  6. Laurent says:

    What is a Leica M-Peter? I cannot seem to find it in Leica’s current product line 😀

  7. Henry Turner says:

    Careful, Peter. Don’t let the M, for all it’s low light potential, undermine your ccd credability. I’m sadly afraid that steve — i never met a lens or camera i didn’t like — huff is right: leica can’t, for commercial reasons, go back to ccd. I will lovingly hold onto and shoot my two m9-p’s til they have to pry them from my dead mitts! For all the beauty of the kodak-designed sensor output though, i must agree with previous remarks that you have processed beautiful skin tones on your son’s face in spite of their having come from an M.

  8. karen says:

    The photos are both gently and well made. This post was also a reminder of how much I loved your No. 1 Fan photo from back in the day as well. Your crayons….well sharpened or rounded with peeled back paper…are put to beautiful use.

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