The Neptune Duo smart watch.

Neptune Duo

Warning:  This has nothing to do with photography, but I love good ideas.

The nascent smart watch industry has just been turned upside down by a 20 year old from Montreal.  In Simon Tian‘s world, the watch is the central hub, and the “pocket screen” is just a blank interface.

I don’t know how well his smart watch will work, but I believe he has conceptually bested the likes of Google and Apple.

Check out the Neptune Duo.


4 thoughts on “The Neptune Duo smart watch.

  1. andygemmell says:

    It looks good though not for me. I think the watch is one item we can genuinely hold onto from our past and enjoy. We didn’t use to have mobile phones and they have evolved quickly. Watches though have not and don’t think it’s to do technology so much…but more to do with the fact we have not demanded this item to change or sort more from it.

    I do wish Simon all the best and would love to see him get one up on Google and Apple

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