Sweet Honey.

I’m slowly refining my processing of Sigma Merrill files.


Sweet Honey

5 thoughts on “Sweet Honey.

  1. Bo says:

    What a lovely picture of a beautiful dog!

    • nickolas says:

      just scrolling down the page, when i got to this one i thought it was medium format. those foveon images can be beautiful.

  2. Guy Platt says:

    Hi Peter,

    Whatever happened to your Sigma? The images you produced with it really were very good, was it the handling?

    I’m in search of a digital camera with MF type capabilities.


    • I was prepared for the handling, which is indeed slow. It was the behaviour of the colours that sometimes got to me. In anything but ideal light the colours became “corrupted” for lack of a better word. Still, I really miss the files from the Merrill. Subsequent Sigma DP models lack the sparkle in their files.

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