400 photographers agree: we love CCD!

400 Signatures Letter to Leica copy

The world’s longest-running (and most intense)  Open Letter to Leica has reached a milestone:

400 signatures!

It’s true, 400 photographers, enthusiasts, and artists agree:  we love CCD!

Specifically, we believe that the CCD sensor — at base ISO — offers superior image quality.

We also believe that an updated CCD sensor in a future Leica M camera would be in keeping with Leica‘s philosophy of providing out-of-the-mainstream elegant yet powerful photographic tools for discerning photographers.

So help keep the pursuit of high image quality alive by allowing CCD to develop and thrive.

Keep the momentum going!  Encourage others to PLEASE SIGN THIS LETTER.


6 thoughts on “400 photographers agree: we love CCD!

  1. Pi says:

    1) Could they guarantee no sensor issues. It would be awful to have to send it back after 2 years.

    2) Would the 400 who have signed including me spend 6-7,000 or more on a limited edition camera who’s sensor has a history of issues.

    3) Is their a danger to Leica of legal problems if they released a camera wirh a sensor they have to guarantee this time won’t have any problems considering its past.

    4) If I was running Leica I would not take the risk, regardless of the CCD being better at base ISO.

    • Presumably, they wouldn’t make the same mistake twice… I did say “presumably”. That’s why My Open Letter to Leica is calling for an “updated” sensor.

      By the way, I don’t think any manufacturer can “guarantee” a sensor – CCD or CMOS – won’t develop problems during its life cycle.

      • Pi says:

        Your right, providing it is a new sensor, but will it be, I hope so not just wrapped around a better camera.

        • Adam Spencer says:

          It’s not the CCD part of the sensor that caused the problems but degredation of the infra red filter over it that is eroding. That part is made by a different company to the CCD but was sourced by the Sensor maker not Leica. The problem is when Kodak broke up different companies bought the various divisions.

  2. Jeff Heene says:

    My thinking is this:
    I won’t say that CCD is better than CMOS. At the end of the day, it is pretty subjective. Perhaps the boys and girls at DXO mark have developed “scientific” ways of identifying areas of strength and weakness, but who really cares what happens in a lab setting. Lab tests certainly can’t prove that a camera makes good pictures. All of this has been said before.

    However, nearly every camera in the world has a CMOS sensor in it, most made by Sony. To my mind then, most cameras in the world will make nearly the same image, all things considered. It is nice to know then, that the M9 has a sensor that is different from all those other cameras, if only to know that, at the pixel level, my image is “different” from the rest.

  3. i think its quite cool that Steve Huff posted you edition on his blog, i hope its gets you many more signings.

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