Winter Solace.

Cozy and hidden from the cold.

On another note, if there’s a better way to digitally record such Life’s Little Moments, then I’d like to know.

As it stands, the Kodak CCD inside the Leica M9/M-E remains my sensor of choice.

Won’t you please sign My Open Letter to Leica, if you haven’t already done so?


Winter Solace


3 thoughts on “Winter Solace.

  1. David says:

    I love and can relate to your restlessness. Aside from medium format digital (which is truly mind blowing), I don’t believe there to be a better sensor in a small camera, nor a more enjoyable/satisfying camera to use than the M9. I think you are already standing at the gates of Shangri La. I think the way to improve that experience and quality is with lenses like the APO 50. Not an easy acquisition unfortunately!

    • David said:

      I think you are already standing at the gates of Shangri La

      That made me laugh David — thank you for your thoughtful comments.

      However, I must confess, the Foveon sensor is probably the most remarkable digital sensor I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

  2. Really nice pic Peter… I love the huge area of dark – an essential part of such a strong photo. By the way, on the ‘old’ Leica thing, have just enjoyed reading a recent blog: Regards.

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