6 thoughts on “Ahead of the curve.

  1. Hi Peter,
    As always, thanks for your lovely photography. I see you are shooting some film again. I am 63 and have shots LOTS of film in my time. Like you I have scanned my negs and they look good, but not really better than a digital frame when one considers the workload involved in film vs digital. I enjoy the aesthetic side of film photography, THE PROCESS, and perhaps that in itself can make me a better photographer. I have gone to all manual as far as focus, f stops and shutter speeds and metering with my digital camera as you suggested,and THAT has made a significant effect on the quality of my images. Why, I do not know but it has. All the best to you and your beautiful family.

    1. Hi Cory,

      I’m happy to learn my suggestions helped. As to why, it’s always better to have full control of your camera so that the image is shaped by YOUR vision, and not some auto-algorithm.

  2. …I see what you did there.


    Didn’t work in color? Strangely, we are not seeing a lot of color from your trip to “the land of color” this year…You seem to be in a full-on B&W mode of seeing.


    1. Thanks Mark. You’re very perceptive about the B&W images generated from the “land of colour” (notice I corrected your spelling… we live in Canada after all).

      I wasn’t inspired by the colour this year. I don’t know why.

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