Ahead of the curve.

Ahead of the curve

↑Leica M9 and Leica 24mm Summilux ASPH @ f/1.4.

6 thoughts on “Ahead of the curve.

  1. Guy Platt says:

    Lovely image Peter.


  2. Cory Laskowitz says:

    Hi Peter,
    As always, thanks for your lovely photography. I see you are shooting some film again. I am 63 and have shots LOTS of film in my time. Like you I have scanned my negs and they look good, but not really better than a digital frame when one considers the workload involved in film vs digital. I enjoy the aesthetic side of film photography, THE PROCESS, and perhaps that in itself can make me a better photographer. I have gone to all manual as far as focus, f stops and shutter speeds and metering with my digital camera as you suggested,and THAT has made a significant effect on the quality of my images. Why, I do not know but it has. All the best to you and your beautiful family.

  3. mewanchuk says:

    …I see what you did there.


    Didn’t work in color? Strangely, we are not seeing a lot of color from your trip to “the land of color” this year…You seem to be in a full-on B&W mode of seeing.


    • Thanks Mark. You’re very perceptive about the B&W images generated from the “land of colour” (notice I corrected your spelling… we live in Canada after all).

      I wasn’t inspired by the colour this year. I don’t know why.

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