The Truth.

The Truth

↑Mamiya RZ67, Mamiya 110mm @ f/2.8, and Kodak Tri-X 400.

19 thoughts on “The Truth.

  1. cidereye says:

    Oh I do like that portrait Peter, really nicely lit.

    You are annoying me a bit though, you keep posting all these great RZ67 shots and it’s driving me mad after selling both my Mamiya 6 & 645 Pro TL this year. Why did I do it?? Why!!!!! 🙂

    • I’ll tell you why… for the same reasons I’ve previously sold off all of my film gear, at least 5 times 😦 !

      (1) Film is not convenient, and
      (2) Film at 100% magnification looks less impressive than high end digital


      Every time I review my photographs from years gone by, it’s the film ones that speak to me the most. Film is simply superior to digital for creating memorable images (not 100% crops!). And yes, that’s just my opinion.

      That’s why this time, I jumped back into it in a big way (figuratively, and literally with the Mamiya RZ67)… and I’m committing myself to it for as long as I am able to find film in stock… which should be for a number of years yet…


      • cidereye says:

        Aye, you are so right Peter.

        I’ve sold most of my film gear off about 4 times myself and all for reason 1) you list. But always find myself going back eventually because I love shooting it so much and mainly I am so at home using a simple film camera hence why I’ve recently sold my M9 and gone back to an M4. As good as the M9 is I’m having far more fun shooting with a film M again.

        I sold all my MF gear off because I simply do not use it enough to justify but I know I’ll regret trading in my Mamiya 6 until I finally re-buy another. As with yourself, whenever I go back to images all my favourites were taken on film. But that scanning workflow ….. Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!! 🙂

  2. Umberto says:

    Wonderful portrait!
    Medium format detail AND not clinical film rendering.
    And of course your insight for photographing people.

  3. Antonio Russell says:

    Wow. That is a seriously good portrait. I bet it looks even better printed on FB paper.

  4. Luiz Paulo says:


  5. Very intriguing. Great portrait.

  6. andygemmell says:

    So Peter was a studio environment or lighting in a studio sense within the home?

    Either way this, to me looks to be part of that “new perspective” you referred to a little earlier. It appears to be a slight deviation from other images.

    It is an intriguing portrait and well done.

  7. Alex says:

    Great play on light/shadow Peter! Very real indeed. Amazing portrait.

  8. Bo says:

    This is without a doubt one of your best photos ever!
    I LOVE IT!!!

  9. A very special shot Peter. The transition to near-black (total black?) at the top of the frame is simply gorgeous.

  10. Peter, you are NOT helping (but that’s ok). I was dropping off a roll at the local camera store for development when I had to ask whether they develop 120/220 or not (had to ask because they do C41 and E6 in 35mm, but not B&W processing). They do (again, just not B&W). I asked if they had any MF cameras and he showed me a Mamiya 645 and a Pentax 645 (not the N or N II, unfortunately). I’m seriously giving thought to buying one and trying out MF for the first time. And tonight I come back to your blog and see this wonderful example of what is possible. I very much like how you positioned the light leaving shadow on the left side of his face. This certainly has a serious mood to it.

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