6 thoughts on “About a horse (cinematic).

  1. Quite a lot going on here for such a quiet image. Sundown, the daylight slipping away at the “vanishing point” of horizon, water, and surf line frame left. But everything opens out from there toward the brighter frame right. The observer looks that way as does the horse (his person becomes part of his orientation) and even the ship (that is a ship out there right?) seems headed that direction. Even the floats in the water point out toward the brighter light. And then there’s the triangle between observer, horse, and ship that’s just slightly offset from the one formed by horizon, surf, and right edge of the frame. And I’m sure I missed important elements.

    It is both lovely and a wonderful “study” in composition; as always, superbly and subtly done. Love it. What you may have “lost” in quantity of color versus B&W in Barbados, you sure made up for in quality. This, I think, rivals some of your very best.

    1. Thank you Greg. It was a tricky composition, and I struggled with it. I ultimately realized the only way to achieve the correct balance would be through an unconventional crop. And yes, that’s a ship sailing off in the distance.

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