Guest Post: Luiz Paulo (Part 2).

Editor’s Note: 

This set of images, called “Projections“, represents the second part of Luiz Paulo‘s Guest Post  (Part 1 may be found here).   Regarding the image “Two Little Jaguars“, the back-story is quite touching and was provided by Luiz in a personal communication:

“The funny is that “two little jaguars” (in Portuguese “duas oncinhas”) was my daughter’s idea — she realized the shadows of drops on her face and asked to me to photograph her so she would seem like her puppet, all that while waiting for my garage door to open, in a short time! Amazing how the children are…”

—Luiz Paulo



Duas Oncinhas:






Once again, thank you Luiz for your wonderful images.


More of Luiz’s work may be viewed here.

Please also re-visit Luiz’s previous work on this site.

10 thoughts on “Guest Post: Luiz Paulo (Part 2).

  1. Bijan Sabet says:

    That smile is beautiful. Wonderful photographs !


  2. Hugues says:

    Dear Luiz,

    Once again, you surprise us! Amazing …!
    The subject (in this case, your super model) is shown with staged calculated or not … and the magic still … with strength and delicacy, refinement and technical look great!

    I really like your first two images … especially the first!
    The expression of your daughter, touches me deeply … I love this part, “cat and mouse”!

    You can be proud of your daughter … and your photograph that captures all these moments delighted!

    Sincerely yours Luiz

    Best regards.


    • Luiz Paulo says:

      Hugues, I’ll always thank you for your so kind and sensitive words. You’re one the most supportive people I know and one of the best photographers as well! Thank you so much.

      All my best,

  3. andygemmell says:

    The gift of fatherhood Luiz….you’re a lucky man! These images and your daughters touching imagination make me want to go and give own daughters a hug :-)!!

    Love 2 especially….

  4. Herb Sennet says:

    Discussing photo gear or looking at these stunning images. A completely different universe.

  5. Jean-Marc says:

    Luiz Paulo,
    a very charming and moving set ! We’re getting spoiled watching your beautiful daughter’s pictures…
    let’s hope we’ll soon discover ” Guest Post: Luiz Paulo (Part 3)” !!!
    Thanks to Peter and yourself !

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