My Current Equipment (updated).

Having sold my Leica M240, I have been trying to re-build my kit with my preferred rangefinder — the Leica M9.

Here is my current equipment list.

It’s short.


Leica M9P:

Found one with only 305 shutter actuations.  I’ve never owned a “P” version of the M9 before (I didn’t want to pay the premium for cosmetic differences), but this one was in like-new condition and was functioning perfectly — which is important to me — so I grabbed it without hesitation.

Prosophos-Leica M9P Silver

Leica M9:

This M9 had 2037 shutter actuations and was in mint(-) condition.  Unfortunately, when it arrived I discovered that it was front-focusing by about 6 cm!  This was a problem, since I had ordered it from the US and it would be a hassle to return it (reclaiming customs fees, loss of some of the refund money in the currency conversion, etc.).  So, I ended up adjusting the rangefinder myself, and after much trial-and-error it is focusing beautifully.

Prosophos - Leica M9 Black

Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH:

I had purchased this after selling off the black version I had.  That black version was the best-performing 50mm Summilux ASPH I’ve ever used, and I’ve used about 8 of them (yes, there is sample variation).  This particular silver copy is not bad, but it’s not quite as sharp at f/1.4 as my previous lens (I’m kicking myself for selling that one…).


Leica 24mm Summilux ASPH:

This is the exact 24mm Summilux ASPH lens I previously owned, and subsequently sold.  I was lucky to get it back.  It’s one of the best wide-angles I’ve ever used, and is currently my favourite M wide angle lens (and I’ve pretty much tried them all).

Prosophos - Leica 24mm Summilux

That’s it!

If I’m discussing gear, you know the light has been poor here and I’ve barely had a chance to photograph.  I should probably “shut down” for the winter, but I’ll try to keep things moving.


38 thoughts on “My Current Equipment (updated).

  1. gunston says:

    Almost get an m9, but the notorious IR coating crack on sensor, pin hole feel eloped over time on sensor deter me from doing so. Eventhough, free sensor replacement offered by Leica, but it is shortage worldwide… still using my M8.2.

  2. Rangefinder focus issues have been the bain of my short months of owning an M9. Starting to regret my decision and wondering if rangefinder on a digital sensor is ever a good idea. The tolerances of the rangefinder and each lens you use have to be so tight as to overlap with each other, and even then it may not be perfect overlap.

  3. I have still not pulled the trigger on purchasing the M240. I am keeping my M9 for now and have had a Sony A7R on order since the day it was announced. I was curious what used Leica M9’s sell for. I am not asking you what you paid but if you can give me a range for actual selling prices as asking and selling prices vary. As I have said before in one of your posts, I have a Nikon D800E and an Olympus OMD EM5 so I really do not need another CMOS sensor camera. The CCD on the Leica M9 definitely offers different capabilities. I would rather buy fast glass and use lower ISO. However, I really like the live view capability and focus peaking on the M240. I find that I do not use my Summicron 90 mm on the M9 because of difficulty framing the image. I am hoping the 90 mm and the A7R are a winning combination otherwise I will still need to consider the M240.

    Hope you enjoy your new /used M9 and M9P. I look forward to continuing to view your work as I really like your style of photography.

    • Prosophos says:

      Thanks Michael. Actual selling prices vary as much as asking prices. I know there was quite a discrepancy between my two cameras, even if you factor in the price premium of the “P” version. As a rough estimate, however, I would say in these parts, a used M9 in good condition sells for 55 – 60% of the price of an M240.

  4. Lignum Draco says:

    I’ve been away for awhile. Before I left, you’d just bought the M240 and now you’ve sold it. In essence this tells me all I need to know about the M240 vs the M9.

  5. Luiz Paulo says:

    Keep moving Peter! 🙂

    WIth my little experience (2 M9Ps): one brand new, other with less than 1,000 actions, both had to have their RF mechanisms calibrated. My “brand new” with about 15,000 actions was calibrated again…

  6. Marc says:

    Congrats Peter! i did not know you got 2 M9s now. i have a feeling that the used M9P i bought might need a slight RF adjustment. sometimes when i shoot the Nocti it is a little off. i am considering an a7r as an alternative for low light shooting, with an adapter for Nikon and Leica glas. i am quite lucky that i live half an hour away from Leica in Solms so i will bring my M9p over there next week to have them check the Rangefinder.

  7. Jon Streeter says:

    Please don’t shut down for the winter. I’d love to see Canadian-winter photographs. And this post about equipment and the comments engendered made this a worthwhile visit.

  8. Jim says:

    Don’t shut it down just because of winter. With the holidays coming, there are plenty of color photo opportunities to come. Then after the new year when old man winter really kicks in, shot B&W until the spring brings fresh new colors.

    • Prosophos says:

      Thanks Jim. I’m used to posting an image every day, and it’s literally dark outside as I write this post (3:17 pm, Toronto time), so the holidays seem far, far, away…

      Nonetheless, I’ll try to keep the show going…

  9. Matteo says:

    Dear Peter, a careful, wise and (of course) lovely selection, congratulations. Just at the very beginning of my presence on these pages I wrote somewhere (in a discussion on favorite focal lengths) that I can live just with a 24 and a 50 fast primes. 35 is a nice plus, but not critical if you have a fast 24… and everything else is an extra 🙂
    my very best wishes to you and your family,

  10. Hi Peter !
    So you didn’t keep your M 240 a very long time! What make you changer your mind, as before buying it, you knew the cmos advantage on high iso and weakness on low iso?
    By the way, your blog is really interesting to read and I really like your feedback on your experience. I also have a M9 (owned a D800E in the past) and I really find the CCD sensor superior in tonal range and quantum efficiency.


    • Prosophos says:

      Thank you Thomas, and yes, you are correct — I both knew and wrote extensively in the past about the CCD superiority over CMOS at low ISO. Why then, did I make the switch? I wanted high ISO capability… the prolonged poor light here in Canada during the winter months is frustrating. I thought I could overlook the deficiencies of the CMOS sensor at base ISO. I couldn’t.

      Thanks again for the note.


  11. Herb Sennet says:

    Peter, just a while back I congratulated you with your new tools. I understand you have longed back for your old love and found her again.
    You gained an experience and lost an illusion. Your 24 and 50 Lux will get you through the dark winter. I just wondered if you have ever thought about the Sigma DP3 Merill. As with the Leica CCD it has something truly special and incomparable and with a lens attached that would have made Leica very proud. One other thing of character is PhotoNinja. The raw converter that integrates perfectly with the standard ones. But PhotoNinja can give you back the raw detail that has been polished out by the market leaders.

    • Prosophos says:

      Thanks Herb. I’ve often been tempted by the Sigma DP3 Merill, because I owned the first generation DP1, and loved the image quality. However, I remember how frustratingly slow the camera operated, and that’s always held me back from purchasing another. By the way, this image on my home page was taken by that first Sigma DP! compact:

      I haven’t checked out PhotoNinja, and my colleague Luiz has recommended Capture One, but I’m mired in LR5 for now, because I really don’t have the time to explore…

  12. Antonio Russell says:

    So you sold the 35 Cron ASPH in the end? Was looking forward to seeing more of your images with that lens. Don’t worry about the winter, you have the perfect kit for low light shooting surely.

  13. andygemmell says:

    Peter, out of curiosity was there any consideration into buying a new ME under warranty?

    • Prosophos says:

      Yes, but I couldn’t find one in stock.

      • andygemmell says:

        Mmmmm…..wonder if they are limiting supply and winding it down or it’s due to popularity….perhaps both…?? Or it could be caught in the same production supply as M240.

        • Prosophos says:

          When they first announced the M-E, I thought, “great, us M9 owners can rest assured that there will be sensors and spare parts readily available for repairs, for at least one more product cycle”. Leica being Leica, this hasn’t panned out. Leica M-E bodies are nowhere to be seen (at least in my neck of the woods), and from what I’ve read, replacement sensors are scarce.

  14. Cristian says:

    Peter, what about the 90mm you had a while ago? You did some beautiful portraits with it…

  15. wakingmist says:

    I’m surprised as to how quickly you sold you M240, but at the same time not very surprised. Hopefully you don’t shut down for the winter but I know what you mean about the little light left in TO 😉

  16. Luiz Paulo says:

    “I had purchased this after selling off the black version I had. That black version was the best-performing 50mm Summilux ASPH I’ve ever used, and I’ve used about 8 of them (yes, there is sample variation). This particular silver copy is not bad, but it’s not quite as sharp at f/1.4 as my previous lens (I’m kicking myself for selling that one…).”

    “Sample variation” Sad to hear that Peter…

  17. Marcus G Dotson says:

    I really miss your posts and accompanying photos. I am a former full time portrait photographer, long since retired and not able to get out and do much now. I sold all my medium and large format film equipment along with tons of studio equipment several years ago to provide me with the funds to buy a M9p and Monochrom. I also sold a M6 (regret doing that).

    I know the winters in Toronto are harsh but I also know that with your talent and vision you can produce beautiful work regardless of the inclement weather.

    I do hope you reinstate your web site soon. We all miss you!

    Marcus Dotson ( a former albeit very small financial contributor)

    Sent from my iPad


    • Prosophos says:

      Thank you so much Marcus!

      I know what you mean about regretting the sale of a film Leica…

      As for “missing my posts” – hey, I’m still posting! But, yes, the winter here has made me slow down. Also, work hasn’t helped.

      I’ll try to pick up the pace if I can…

      Thanks again,


  18. Steve says:

    Hi Peter…I’m just a big, big, fan of yours. There are other well known photographers that I look at their work and think, “I just don’t get it”. Completely the opposite of your body of work.

    I’m looking to upgrade my lens kit. Currently I have a “classic” 35 Summilux (German), an older 50 Summicron, and an older 90 Elmarit. I have an M9 also. What would you recommend? I’m asking your opinion since my interests in photography, my kids, my grandchild, my dogs, etc., mirror yours. I just wish I could come close, even once to the beautiful photos you take. If you ever write a book or make a tutorial available on line, I’d be the first in line to purchase it.

    Thank you for inspiring me to keep trying.

    My best,

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