M(240) shipping today.


Prosophos - Leica M

As the M(240) starts shipping around the world today, I’d be interested in — and grateful for — any preliminary images and/or reports from readers.



6 thoughts on “M(240) shipping today.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Reported shipments in various places around the world have been confirmed today, with more trickling in to dealers’ hands tomorrow. There are even “unboxing” videos out there. So, the “update” above was somewhat off the mark.


  1. Thanks Peter. Great to know and very keen to see how this all unfolds now it will be in the public. Looking forward to some posts on your site!!

    Given I have been playing the waiting game this is good to hear. It will come down to an M9 or the M pending results!

  2. Peter,

    I got a call from Dale Photo today and will have a Leica M on Monday (black). I will try to take some pics earlier next week and send them to you.



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