Guest Post [1]: Life’s Little Moments.

For the first time on this site, I’ve decided to post another photographer’s work.

Luiz Paulo emailed me yesterday (see message below) and, after clicking on his links, two of his images caught my eye and made me think, “I wish I had taken that” — which is the highest form of praise I can convey to a fellow photographer.

In fact, these two images are so in keeping with my personal philosophy of capturing the beauty of Life’s Little Moments, that I was inspired to create this, the inaugural:


Guest Post of Life’s Little Moments,

by Luiz Paulo:


Hi Peter.

May I introduce myself: my name is Luiz Paulo, and I’m from Brazil.

I’d like to humbly say your work is so great and inspiring that it has encouraged me to use a range finder system to capture “Life’s Little Moments“, like you say. Being a father of a young child, I know it wouldn’t be an easy task (by technical issues which you certainly know better than I do).  On the other hand, it’s not so difficult as I’d supposed — and the results are better than I could expect.

I think you have a special site where great ideas can emerge.  Congratulations on your nice work.

If it doesn’t bother you, please check out my last photos at LFI Kids Category and LFI M9 Master Shots (I’m registered as “furia”).

All the best,

Luiz Paulo

Dear Luiz,

What a wonderful message to receive!  Thank you so much.

I think you truly understand what it means to capture “Life’s Little Moments” and it’s obvious your beautiful daughter has served as a wonderful inspiration for you.

I enjoyed viewing all of your images, but I would have to say the two images I’ve posted here are my favourites.  There is something very “poetic” about them and I congratulate you for having captured them with such visual eloquence:

Happy Birthday, (c) Luiz Paulo [Leica M9 and Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH].

Untitled, (c) Luiz Paulo [Leica M9 and Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH].

Once again, thank you Luiz!


9 thoughts on “Guest Post [1]: Life’s Little Moments.

  1. jasonehowe says:

    What a pleasant surprise. Most definitely beautiful images, these truly represent “life’s little moments”. Congratulations Luiz and thanks Peter.

    • Prosophos says:

      Isn’t it a nice surprise? A truly pleasant surprise it was for me. Now Jason, I know you have a few such images of your own… ;).

      • jasonehowe says:

        Ha, maybe I have a couple….perhaps I might make it on here at a future date.

        I don’t need to tell you that you’ve been a huge source of inspiration to me, it is after all, vitally important to be able to appreciate the work of others if you want to improve. Cheers

    • Luiz Paulo says:

      A couple of weeks ago I saw a beautiful image of a bridge at LFI gallery. An image just near of mine. I thought: this is an awesome sample on how to use an ultra wide lens — what nice and intriguing composition, one can see it as a bridge or a tower. Looking at Jason’s website I found out the photographer — with a such nice and dinamic work! What surprise. I never could connect it if you hadn’t commented here. Congratulations and thanks Jason. Luiz Paulo

  2. Bishop says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Luiz’s work. Another new photographer with beautiful work is always nice to know about!

    Best to both you and Luiz — Bishop

  3. Jon Streeter says:

    What a great gathering place for kindred spirits. Thanks for making me aware of Luiz Paolo and his wondetful photographs.

  4. […] Almost a year ago, Luiz Paulo did me the honour of gracing with his images, thereby providing this site’s first Guest Post. […]

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