Guest Post: Joe Tori and “The Psychic Bees”

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I am pleased to share a first-time Guest Post by Joe Tori.

Joe, I love the emotion, composition, and lighting.

…and the B&W tones are visually mellifluous!


Joe Tori writes:

“Detroit has a vibrant and collegial music scene; lots of ensembles spanning all genres. “The Psychic Bees” are just one – and one of the newest — bands making up this energetic landscape. And, of course, I would not miss a performance, since my daughter is one of its members. Previously, she was a founding member of an all-girl, alternative punk band that met with some success, recording and performing original music at a number of well-regarded venues around town. Alas, however, logistics and educational demands forced the demise of “Smudge Candy” and Anna immersed herself in university studies and rock music instruction. Recently, she accepted a career-enhancing job opportunity and her music writing/performing passion was reignited. “The Psychic Bees”, made up of some very capable and genuinely nice musicians wrote new music and debuted it at The Diesel Lounge.

In photographing these events I strive for – but don’t always achieve – the goal of capturing the spirit of the performance. Lighting conditions are often challenging. And, it can be difficult to seize an instant in which all performers are out in the open and in the moment. This image stood out for me as one such instance. Anna was immersed and Adam was absorbed. I’m pleased to have caught this moment.

(The photo was made using the Sony RX1R. The RAW image received only minor adjustment in Photoshop CC).”

Psychic Bees - JTori

The Sony RX1R… is gone.

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Prosophos Sony RX1R

In summary:

The Sony RX1R has great image quality, but is not so great at capturing the “decisive” moment.  Too slow.  Too many button presses in manual mode.  Too much of a clunky computer, not enough of a camera.

If you’re into static scenes, posed shots, or letting your camera do the work for you in auto mode however, it just might be your ticket.

Although I created many images with the RX1R, I’m only posting one or two more.


Compared to the Leica M9, the Sony RX1R…

Inspiration, Q&A, Sony RX1R, Teaching point

…feels like a toy.

…is not an extension of my hands and eyes.

…is slower.

…is equipped with a Zeiss lens-CMOS sensor combination that produces files that are not as sharp (or microcontrast-y) as the M9 with top Leica glass  (the dpreview tests I posted last week were correct).

…is equipped with a Zeiss lens that cannot handle back-lighting as well as modern Leica lenses.

On the positive side, the RX1R:

…is lighter and smaller.

…produces nicer B&W conversions.

…has more dynamic range.

…is equipped with a Zeiss lens that produces smoother bokeh vs. the Leica 35mm Summicron (or Summilux FLE).

…is equipped with a Zeiss lens that focuses closer than the Leica lens equivalents.




These are my initial thoughts.