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The Moment Before.

The Moment Before

↑Nikon D810 + Sigma 50mm Art f/1.4.

Music Night 1,2,3,4,5.

Music Night 1

Music Night 2

Music Night 3

Music Night 4

Music Night 5

↑Nikon D810 + Sigma 50mm Art f/1.4.


Let there be…



Nervously waiting to start performing at this year’s Lip Synch show.

(the curtains had accidentally opened a little, catching him by surprise)



Dress Rehearsal (Classic).

Once again, they will be the opening performers for their school Lip Synch show (tomorrow).

It’s the last year all three will be together at the same school.

How time flies.


Dress Rehearsal

The Art of Persuasion.

(sibling style)


The Art of Persuasion