8 thoughts on “Showtime.

  1. Hi peter! I come from China, I do not know you remember me? Before we have had exchanges.
    I have had before M9 and M240, all I sold. Some time ago bought A7R2, one week later I sold because I used to waste this manual lens body. Currently I am more difficult choice, because I also want to buy LEICA. I know that you use M8, M9, M240 for a long time, I hope you can help me to make this choice.
    1. A7R + M9P
    2. M240

    1. Hello David. The correct answer depends on what you want to accomplish with your photography, and how the strengths/weaknesses of each camera fit in with your goals. That would be too lengthy of a discussion to have here.

      Having said that, I pave a preference for the M9 sensor, and so would choose that camera over the others you’ve listed (I don’t really like the Sony A7 series).

      1. Thank you for your reply, because I love to shoot portraits, occasionally shooting landscapes. I’m definitely not used for a long time the machine is such a question, because my time in M9 a year and a half, when shooting landscapes is not convenient, no LV, the need for optical viewfinder, composition is not very convenient. I used the A7 and A7R by A7R a year, similar to the D800 effect is relatively clean and transparent. After the change of M240, because of funding problems for a A7R2, but I only found a camera LEICA 35 1.4A number 11874, the A7R2 is a waste. Now want to change a M body, ease of use, it tangled for a long time to ask you. If I choose M9-P, I will certainly buy a A7R to work. M240 gave me the feeling and A7R no difference, but there are LEICA LOGO and the beautiful appearance of the body. M9-P and I are most worried about things, the use rate will be very low, because A7R left M9-P.
        I don’t love the SLR, because photography does not bring happiness, but heavy. I started the NEX5N – X100 – XE1 – EM5 – X-PRO1 – A7 – RX1 – M9 – A7R – M9 – M240 – A7R2 from 2013, it has been frustrating my heart is really tired. I need a friend like you to help me to make this decision, take pictures at ease.
        Sorry, I said a lot of heart.

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