Nervously waiting to start performing at this year’s Lip Synch show.

(the curtains had accidentally opened a little, catching him by surprise)



8 thoughts on “Showtime.

  1. Guy Platt says:

    Made for a great photo though and maybe even helped reduce the nerves.

  2. G.A. says:

    Good composition, simple and effective.
    The red spot works in that black surrounding.

  3. Rainer Nitzsche says:

    Very nice captures!

  4. David says:

    Hi peter! I come from China, I do not know you remember me? Before we have had exchanges.
    I have had before M9 and M240, all I sold. Some time ago bought A7R2, one week later I sold because I used to waste this manual lens body. Currently I am more difficult choice, because I also want to buy LEICA. I know that you use M8, M9, M240 for a long time, I hope you can help me to make this choice.
    1. A7R + M9P
    2. M240

    • Hello David. The correct answer depends on what you want to accomplish with your photography, and how the strengths/weaknesses of each camera fit in with your goals. That would be too lengthy of a discussion to have here.

      Having said that, I pave a preference for the M9 sensor, and so would choose that camera over the others you’ve listed (I don’t really like the Sony A7 series).

      • David says:

        Thank you for your reply, because I love to shoot portraits, occasionally shooting landscapes. I’m definitely not used for a long time the machine is such a question, because my time in M9 a year and a half, when shooting landscapes is not convenient, no LV, the need for optical viewfinder, composition is not very convenient. I used the A7 and A7R by A7R a year, similar to the D800 effect is relatively clean and transparent. After the change of M240, because of funding problems for a A7R2, but I only found a camera LEICA 35 1.4A number 11874, the A7R2 is a waste. Now want to change a M body, ease of use, it tangled for a long time to ask you. If I choose M9-P, I will certainly buy a A7R to work. M240 gave me the feeling and A7R no difference, but there are LEICA LOGO and the beautiful appearance of the body. M9-P and I are most worried about things, the use rate will be very low, because A7R left M9-P.
        I don’t love the SLR, because photography does not bring happiness, but heavy. I started the NEX5N – X100 – XE1 – EM5 – X-PRO1 – A7 – RX1 – M9 – A7R – M9 – M240 – A7R2 from 2013, it has been frustrating my heart is really tired. I need a friend like you to help me to make this decision, take pictures at ease.
        Sorry, I said a lot of heart.

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