4 thoughts on “M2-R and Me.

  1. Hi Peter hope you are well.

    Have you tried the Fuji X-E4, as though its APSC, it’s a fantastic little camera, as is so Leica like, simple with evf and tilt screen. Colours need correcting for my eye, but nice once sorted. voigtlander has just anounced the 35 1.2 x mount for X mount, so I know how you like them.

    I’ve swapped from the M9, to the Sigma fp (colours amazing) though my eye sight is going, so the X-E4 is all I’ve wanted (with an evf), though would be cooler if a Leica and full frame (and I had the money) until then it’s a really fun little camera. All the best and I miss your fuji GFX100(s) colours 🙂 All the best JH

    1. Thanks JH, I’m well, hope you are too.

      I haven’t tried the X-E4 and I likely won’t. Not because I have anything against it, but because I’m so immersed into film right now that I don’t think I’ll ever come back (famous words, ha ha!).

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