2 thoughts on “Leica = M rangefinder.

  1. OMG. I’m laughing at all this on your blog, Peter. We both came home to Leica it seems. Can’t wait to look through all your fabulous work and be inspired by it. I still have my 58mm Nikkor etc. But I just had have an M10-P and a 50 ‘Cron again. And it doesn’t stop there. Love your stuff and what a breath of fresh air during these trying times to rediscover you here!

    1. Hey Donald! Nice to hear from you! I’m glad you’re alive and kicking, glad you’re back in Leica-land, and also glad you’ve kept your 58 Nikkor (a great lens).

      I got back into film and rangefinders last year, took a detour briefly this year with a more than capable Fuji GFX100S (though I was smart enough to keep my film gear this time), but realized for the 100th time that I work best with rangefinders.

      So here I am, back to the beginning.

      Don’t be a stranger my friend.

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