3 thoughts on “Friends.

  1. For me the Leica M3 is the definition of photography. I us a 2nd version 50mm Collapsibe-Summicron,1a filter, hood.
    If digital had never come, it would still be my main camera. But darkness came, making color very easy to use..
    Love the images, so natural. 40mm almost 35mm. which frame? all best

    1. Thanks Jason. The 40mm triggers the 50mm frame lines. That’s what I like, since it gives me a little bit of leeway if I mess up the composition.

      I really believe 40mm is the perfect FOV for “full frame” sensors.

      Regarding digital, I ended up using one of the nicer sensors (the one in the GFX 100S) and… I’ve gone back to film.

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