5 thoughts on “Leica M3.

  1. Gorgeous! What happen to the M2? I love the images that you are taking with the M3. Peter, I think that the angel will always win you over with a Leica M3 or M2 that are magic in your hands.

  2. Really enjoy your page, thanks! thought, you really liked the gfx100s… what happened? just technical overload? too big and expensive?

    1. The GFX100S is an amazing camera; the best all-around mirrorless I’ve used from a practicality + IQ standpoint. And the Fuji lenses are brilliant.

      So why did I switch? I compared my 100S images with my Leica film images and decided that I like what I produce with the rangefinder more. Simple as that. I won’t even tell you how many times in the past I thought I’d learned that lesson, LOL.

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