8 thoughts on “Nikon Z 24-200mm vs Z 24-70mm F4S – Ricci’s comparison.

  1. That was really interesting. Thanks for posting the link. I’ve got the 70-200 2.8 z mount coming, as soon as it’s available. But the 24-200 looks like it would be a good compliment to a 50mm 1.8, for a solid little travel kit.

  2. Welp, my local store, Rockbrook Camera had one in stock. I took that as a ‘sign’ and picked one up. I’ve posted 3 images on Instagram if you are interested. I couldn’t be further from a super zoom shooter, but from what I saw today, it’s pretty impressive in daytime activities. I’m heading on a hiking trip to Colorado this weekend, and this lens will be in my bag.

  3. My Instagram is under photoomaha. It would be great if you did interact over there! I really enjoy and appreciate instagram. Being geared towards photography, and not so much typing, I find that I really enjoy the interaction.

  4. For me, Instagram is a huge source of networking and inspiration. It makes me appreciate the grind of working as a photographer, and knowing others are in the same situation. When you love your hobby, and turn it into a profession, the lines can get blurry. I find that posting personal images and my work stuff, helps connect with my clients better. I’ll be on a session and someone will bring up an image from a trip I was on, and it’s cool to connect like that. It would be great if you fired that back up, but I understand if some of the social media platforms aren’t for you. I refuse to get involved in Facebook.

    1. Totally understand Dave…. it’s an individual choice and I respect that.

      Regarding Facebook, they own IG, so in a sense you are involved with them (don’t mean to be offensive, just stating it in case you didn’t know).

  5. Hey Peter,

    I am aware of the Facebook family! I just haven’t been a fan of the whole premise of it. I do really enjoy instagram, I used to do a daily image on my website. This was before social media and my clients loved it. I now use Instagram for that interaction. I just tell a client to check instagram on their way home from the session, and I use the wifi off the Z6 to shoot an image over to my phone. Most folks love to see a quick and immediate image from the session, and then usually share that with their friends right away. Helps drive folks to my work.

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