Garden, 3 (re-processed).

I’ve re-processed my image Garden, 3, using similar techniques I used to use when processing my M9 files.

So…. I’m still experimenting.  Wondering what people think (I’m looking at you jh).


↑Nikon Z7 + Nikon 50mm f/1.8S.

3 thoughts on “Garden, 3 (re-processed).

  1. jh says:

    Definately better. Your sons blue T shirt, much nicer blue, your daughters pink top, the shadows now seem the right colour rather than a washed out red. I think you’ve added a little too much clarity (sharpness better) as, maybe a tad too much contrast. Greens cooler (I prefer) Skins, can’t tell much difference, slightly more contrast maybe? (maybe a little more work here) Great!

    • Progress! It took me a year to get the M9 files where I wanted them (and even then I never stopped refining), so I will carry on with the Z7 and Capture One.

      Thank you for initiating the process this time around. Hopefully, I will have some more time going forward to devote to photography.

  2. jh says:

    Great, glad for the conversation. Also, be nice if you write and article on your Capture One story, as would be interesting to know how you progress setting up clour in a new camera on it (as I say, I might move there in the not too distant future) look forward to see the new colours 🙂 cheers

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