3 thoughts on “Garden, 3 (re-processed).

  1. Definately better. Your sons blue T shirt, much nicer blue, your daughters pink top, the shadows now seem the right colour rather than a washed out red. I think you’ve added a little too much clarity (sharpness better) as, maybe a tad too much contrast. Greens cooler (I prefer) Skins, can’t tell much difference, slightly more contrast maybe? (maybe a little more work here) Great!

    1. Progress! It took me a year to get the M9 files where I wanted them (and even then I never stopped refining), so I will carry on with the Z7 and Capture One.

      Thank you for initiating the process this time around. Hopefully, I will have some more time going forward to devote to photography.

  2. Great, glad for the conversation. Also, be nice if you write and article on your Capture One story, as would be interesting to know how you progress setting up clour in a new camera on it (as I say, I might move there in the not too distant future) look forward to see the new colours 🙂 cheers

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